Vacation Investments

The Sandpiper Suites Resort has available vacation weeks for sale.

We have 3 distinct floorplans.

  • A 1 Bedroom 1 Bath Unit (Approx 550 Sq Ft)
  • A 1 Bedroom 2 Bath Unit (Approx 1000 Sq Ft)
  • A 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Unit (Approx 1300 Sq Ft)

Some of the units in the 1BR 1BA units are fixed weeks and some are quarterly rotation units like our 1BR 2BA and 2BR 2BA units.

Rotational weeks generally rotate in within a particular calendar quarter.  1st Quarter would be in Jan, Feb, Mar; 2nd Quarter would be in Apr, May, Jun; 3rd Quarter would be in Jul, Aug, Sep; and 4th Quarter would be in Oct, Nov, Dec.  Schedules are created years in advance so you can plan your vacation well in advance.

For information about purchasing a week at The Sandpiper Suites, contact our Board President, Jay Bagwell at or via cell at 801-918-8623.

Unit #  Calendar week  Price

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